Revert 95 presents mid 90s premiere

Day & night
Revert 95 presents mid 90s: day & night DAY: SKATE Come and skate with the Revert 95 team crew at Harlem station NIGHT: movie première  mid 90s Jonah Hill is making the... Read more

Breaking news: message from Trump

Closed borders are discrimination based on location. If you are born on the wrong side of the wall, your chances of providing a decent standard of living for yourself are smaller. With the growing amo... Read more

Revert 95 Invading Oudorp Alkmaar September 2018

Revert 95 Invading Oudorp Alkmaar September 2018 What started out as a small event with our team rider Juan Snip, his friends and locals. Ended up being one day of good times, heavy skateboarding, cr... Read more

The Quiet Life X Ben Venom

Where Art and style collide
The Quiet Life x Ben Venom collection 2018
The Quiet life is a small brand from California, set up by Andy Mueller. Andy is famous for his cool artworks for Girl, Chocolate and Lakai. In 1997 he began the brand, which today stands for its crea... Read more

St. Nicolas at Revert 95

Get creative and win DC Shoes kids prizes!
St. Nicolas shoe competition at Revert 95
The coming weekend is the time, Saint Nicholas is coming to our little country again, and that happens at Revert 95 of course not unnoticed. From 17 November you can come to our shop to put your sh... Read more

Join The Afends Club.

Afends new at Revert 95
Afends new at revert 95
Afends clothing at Revert 95 Afends was born in 2006 in byron Bay and is leading when it comes to using hemp as material in their streetwear, skate, fashion and suf industry. Everything began in an... Read more