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Fourstar clothing Fourstar clothing and caps can be ordered online at specialized skateboard shop Revert. In 1996 pro skaters and friends Eric Koston and Guy Mariano decided to start their own clothing brand. They were tired of wearing brands and logos they didn’t really believe in and wanted to create something for skateboarders. Fourstar was born: a brand owned and run by skaters. Both friends were sponsored by Girl Skateboards and they wanted Fourstar to be part of the Girl family. Skateboard legend Lance Mountain shot Fourstar’s first ad campaign. At first, the clothing was influenced by brands like Polo, Hilfiger and Nautica, but quickly they found their own style. Fourstar produces stylish and clean shirts, T’s, sweaters, hoodies, jackets and pants. The skateboard team consists of big names like Anderson, Bledsoe, Brophy, Carroll, Gonzales, Howard, Koston, Malto, Mariano, O’Neill, Puig, Schaaf, Trujillo and Ishod Wair. Fourstar is the brand for skaters with style.