Tijs Goossens

Tijsie 2000

Date of birth:18 May 1983

Sponsors: Revert 95

Started skateboarding/snowboarding: skate: 1990, snow: 1996

First setup: skate Christian Hosoii, snow: Sims All Mountain 145 with 5150 lowbacks

Favourite spot: Zillertal, Arlberg, BC

First trick: ollie

Tricks I unlearned/don’t do anymore: well… I think mega jumps

Favourite trick: frontside slash, sw back 180, fr 360 and more

Best moment on your snowboard: too much to mention

Best moment in 20 years of Revert 95: Krookie Trips, Summer Sessions, Revert 10 Years, Revert 15 Years, Removex and more.

Favourite food: Japanese, Spanish, Italian

Music: from house to hip hop and from dubstep to euro

Other interests: surfing, cooking