Tobias van Rooij


Sponsors: Revert and Huf (flow)

Started skating: when I was 12 it was on

First setup: ATM complete from Revert

Favourite spot: Arbo building near Haarlem station

First trick: ollie and kickflip

Favourite trick: backside flip, frontside biggie and nosemannys of course

Best moment on your skateboard: too much to choose from actually.. But on Boxing Day I was filming at the Raaks and on the moment I landed the trick, security guards arrived. They wanted to give me a ticket, but thanks to a number of bystanders (a business man and a huge 50-year old prole) who interfered, they didn’t get the chance. I was just sitting there, smoking a cigarette and being happy with the trick I just did. I like that, some people hate skaters and kick us out everywhere, while others keep looking and like what we do.

Best moment in 20 Years of Revert 95: I always liked the days we just started hanging out at Revert. Coming to the shop every day, watching skate videos and asking for stickers. But the Revert parties were also fucking sick.

Favourite food: shrimps and kale

Music: Lou Reed, Lee Perry, Desmond Dekker and oldschool HipHop

Other interests: football and beer