Thijs Ottens


Born: 13 November 1994

Sponsors: Revert 95 (at the moment)

Started snowboarding: when I was 9 years old

First setup: Burton Punch with Burton bindings

Favourite spot: Laax, Switzerland

First trick: bs 180? Super stylish of course

Favourite trick: switch backie

Best moment on your snowboard: riding powder in Laax during the Dutch championships. Joris and I were riding through the trees when I tried a backflip from a natural feature and landed head first. I was just trying to get out of the snow when I heard ‘oh no, f*ck, f*ck!!’ behind me. Joris came after me and landed on my back with his board and his entire weight. He thought I was going to die, but the weird thing was that I had absolutely nothing, not even a little bit of pain, haha. So after that we continued shredding the powder!

Favourite food: spaghetti carbonara

Music: techno, deephouse, hiphop

Other interests: partying and shoes.