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Revert Rewards

Shopping in the physical store still has its advantages. You can try on clothes and shoes to check if it really fits and you can ask for advice from our shop crew if you have any questions regarding technical aspects on snowboard and skateboard gear. If you are looking for a new board, don’t be shy to ask away and you are guaranteed to find the perfect personal setup. Our coffee is not too bad either. :)

This is why we want to see you (back) in the shop. That is why we want to reward your loyalty and boost your motivation with the new Revert 95 Rewards program. You are now able to stack up on shop credit with each purchase done in the shop in Haarlem. You stack 5% of the total cost of each purchase. You can finally use the credits to obtain a discount or pay the whole purchase. Doesn’t sound too bad does it? Terms and conditions apply.


What is the loyalty Revert 95 Rewards program?

• The Revert 95 Rewards program offers you the ability to stack up on credits in euro’s that you may use to purchase products that are sold in the Revert 95 physical store in Haarlem, the Kleine Houtstraat 30.
• To be able to participate in the Revert 95 Rewards program, we ask you to fill out your basic personal information such as your NAW-details, your e-mail and date of birth to be able to create your personal account in our database and sign you to our weekly newsletter (not compulsory)
• You save 5 % of the cost of your purchase. You can use this amount to obtain a discount on your next purchase.
• You save the credits in euro’s
• The balance of your saved credits is stated on the receipt of your last purchase in the shop.
• The saved credits is not refundable for cash
• If you have sufficient credits, you can choose to pay the entire cost of the product with your saved credits.
• You may choose to pay part of the cost of the product with the saved amount of credits to obtain a discount on your purchase.

• You may make use of your credits at any given time. There is no minimum amount of credits to be saved before being able to use them.
• You are able to stack your credits up to 6 times. This means you can purchase up to 6 times in the store and on your 7th time you may use your credits but will not stack higher.

What will my personal details be used for?

The personal details that you will disclose with us will be used for the following purposes. Registering an account to participate in the Revert 95 Rewards loyalty program. With your first ever purchase in our store in Haarlem, your account will be created with your NAW-details, date of birth and email. By doing so, you will be receiving our weekly newsletters that feature information about new collections, deals, actions and events that Revert 95 organizes.

How are my details saved?
Your details will be saved in our secured database. All the data that we hold is subject to the laws and policies of the Netherlands (location of our business)

Will my details be disclosed with 3rd parties?
We do not disclose any personal data with 3rd parties such as brands, marketing agencies or partner businesses. The only exception is when it is compulsory to do so by law.